New Year Old Challenges?

I recently had the opportunity to visit Cameroon and as I spent time with family I also could not help but appreciate the fact that progress has been made however slow it may seem.

Maybe the problem is that our own perception of what we should be and how our country should look like is in itself a problem and presents a barrier.

Many European countries do not look alike and have a totally diverse geographical landscape.

What they do have in common is that almost everyone has access to a public service which provides healthcare, social welfare services, parks and other recreational services, Great speed internet and 24 hour electricity.

Maybe that what we need… However, the problem of #Leadership remains.

Our institutions need a complete overhaul and our classrooms a very different and more realistic curriculum which can prepare the new generations to better #serve #Africa and our 21st Century world.

Let’s tell our children that we have a continent which WE can build rich in minerals and agricultural produce.

A new year as always presents an opportunity for change and it almost always starts from within us.

Our women are busy making major strides. I promise to write more. That’s my resolution. What’s yours?

Boulangerie Du Rail (Bonaberi, Douala)


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