Our Story


The Cameroonian Women’s Network was founded in 2011.

Whilst looking forward to celebrating International women’s day in Cameroon we observed the ongoing preparations and felt the need to create a place where one could really highlight the amazing work and exploits of women and also provide a place where young girls could read about other women and be inspired.

Cameroonian Women all over the world are making their dreams come true under circumstances which may not be ideal in enabling them to do so. Our vision is for this platform to become a powerful movement to inspire proactivity, to educate and to provide networking opportunities.

Over the years the network’s founder had to take a break and study in order to develop her strengths and passion.

In so doing, she has emerged re-energized and still believes there is the need for our own unique platform – so the Network is here to stay.

Woman eh! Let’s celebrate one other!


Next Steps...

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