Our Mission

To Create an online community where all Cameroonian women’s experiences are fully recognised and valued and to create a platform which could ultimately become a powerful movement to inspire proactivity, to Educate and to provide Networking opportunities.

Our Vision

To become an environment which will enable collective action and positively impact  on the decision-making processes of government policy around women’s issues in Cameroon.


Meet the Team

So here we are! At the moment there are just a few of us who have come together with a shared vision. Please do get in touch. 


Betty Abeng

Founder & Servant

Your "Servant in Chief" is a recent Economics and Business Graduate who has spent years working in the voluntary sector. 


Want to Join us?

Send us an email at info@cameroonwomen.org.

Jodelle Mayoda

Jodelle Mayoda

Contributor (French Language)

PR girl and MBA graduate whose mission is to empower others to reach their full potential. When I’m not creating unforgettable content, I’m working to become the good fairy that helps African start-ups thrive through solid business strategies.

Here is how you can help...

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