2018 Anzisha Prize Goes to Cameroonian Melissa Bime

The Anzisha Prize is a Premier Award for Africa’s Youngest Entrepreneurs
The Anzisha Prize seeks to award young entrepreneurs who have developed and implemented innovative solutions to social challenges or started successful businesses within their communities.

15 finalists from across Africa won a spot which was aimed at accelerating their path to entrepreneurship success.

This years Grand Prize winner is Melissa Bime who is a graduate and the founder of Infuiss  an online blood bank and digital supply chain platform. In her acceptance speech she was quoted saying  ” I stand here today to represent every young girl who has a dream. The future of #Africa is very bright!”

Melissa Receiving her Prize a Cheque for the sum of $25,000 (C) Anzisha Twitter Account

Melissa founded INFIUSS after her experience working in a hospital and witnessing too many patient deaths as a result of hospitals failing to source compatible blood for life-saving transfusions

Melissa Bime (C) Anzisha Twitter Account

This led Melissa to spring into action and launched her online blood bank, INFIUSS. Through it, hospitals can request blood of a specific type and quantity, and INFIUSS sources the blood either from their own bank or partner hospitals,  and delivers it to the patient within an hour.

Since launching 16 months ago, INFIUSS has distributed 3800 pints of blood across 28 hospitals in Yaounde. Melissa has also partnered with the Ministry of Health in Cameroon to offer the blood bank’s services to 908 other public hospitals within Cameroon.

Melissa’s passion is to curb deaths related to blood inavailability, which claim 1 in 6 Cameroonian lives every year. She hopes to expand her life-saving service to several other west African countries including Ghana, Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire and Nigeria.

Melissa was also named a 2018 Laureate of the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards in honor of her work.


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